Acupucnture is the best natural alternative for neuromuscular and musculoskeletal pain relief. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, channels or “meridians” are like rivers flowing through and nourishing the body. Obstructions in these meridians act like dams restricting the flow of energy. Stimulating precise points along the blocked meridians will clear obstructions and re-establish the regular flow of energy. Meridians and their points can be stimulated by inserting extremely fine needles or by applying heat or mild electricity. In this way acpuncture works to restore and balance a person’s internal energy and to speeds natural healing. Contact us now to see if you qualify.

Therapeutic Massage

Tuina (Therapeutic Chinese Massage), a powerful tool for treating musculoskeletal problems, can also address health problems on many levels. Through dozens of manipulative techniques unknown in Western massage, TuiNa promotes the circulation and balance of inner energies and blood throughout the body and regulates the functions of internal organs. As a result, the immune system is strengthened and the body is better able to expel toxins. This traditional combination of massage and physical therapy is used in all hospitals in China today. Contact us now to see if you qualify. 

Therapeutic Yoga & Physical Therapy

Your therapist will design different yoga movements & stretching exercises to increase your joint & muscle mobility as well as reduce your pain level. Contact us now to see if you qualify.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine can treat many internal organ problems. Although herbal medicine always has been TCM’s main treatment method in China, it has only recently become one of the most popular and alternative therapies in the West. Chinese herbal medicines are supplements formulated of natural plants, minerals, amino acids, vitamins and digestive enzymes. Furthermore, each herbal prescription is individually customized to treat illness, preventing disease, or strengthening your body’s immune system. Contact us now to see if you qualify. 

Acupressure Foot Reflexology

Pressure is applied to specific reflex zones or acupressure points on the feet that send signals to the central nervous system that will stimulate the body to release more central
neural transmitters and substances like seratonin & endorphins. As a result, the mind will be tranquilized, the body starts to heal itself, pain is reduced, & toxins are released. Contact us now to see if you qualify.